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    I am thinking about reloading for my 22.250, just wondering if it is worth using a faster burning powder as I have a Sako 85 with 20" barrel, if any one out has a recipy, that would be great, I am currently using Norma 50grn, many thanks

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    I'm sure you will get plenty of different recipes but I use fed magnum primers with 38gr H380 & 55gr V-max

    works a a treat for me.

    regards Tristram

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    Been using Lovex to great effect - just working up a load with N140 now because of availability issues......
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    A couple of years ago I would have strongly recommended Varget, but as that now seems harder to get than moon dust, give RS52 a try

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    I prefer N135 for lighter stuff like 40 and 50grain bullets.

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    I'm using accur2520 and pushing a 50grn SBK out of my .22/250 with epic results.

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    Using N140 with 55g heads works a treat

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    As Tiss said

    38 grn of H380 pushing that 55 grin Vmax is a great load for the .22-250

    Hodgdons designed the powder for the .22-250 hence the 38 grn is the ideal powder weight for the load


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    im about to start the same process and this thread has given me quite a bit to think about

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