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Thread: mitre saw

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    mitre saw

    Bit off the wall, but...

    ... Could anyone recommend a good, medium duty (diy, domestic use, home made high seats etc) mitre saw?


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    I've got a dewalt dw713 I use for small jobs and stuff. Cuts 4x2s no problem. Maximum cross cut is bout 140mm so should do you no problem.

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    Have always used Dewalt until yet another one failed. Am now using a Bosch GCM10SD,(418inc) it is in a different league to all previous saws.



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    Try Evolution (B and Q?) I went looking for one some time back, fully intending to buy makita or similar. I walked down the aisle at b&q rattling the free play in the cheap ones about as I strolled down. When I came to the evolution ones I stepped back and tried it again. Zero free play, smooth as silk. Only mistake I made was to not buy the larger one.

    I was cutting timber to 45 deg, and once the saw was set up (stops etc) it was bang on every time (goes through nails as well)

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    I have a makita one bought it a couple of years ago fpr about 150 if I remember correctly really God saw and seen a lot of use would thoroughly recommend it
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    Makita or Evolution (as already posted, good if you're going through the odd nail!)
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    What kind of cutting are you doing?
    If if it just straight up and down, at an angle, then a chop saw will do. The Bosch is very good for that.

    If you are wanting to make fine cuts and compound angles ( off square on the bed, and tilted), then you want a miter saw that slides, that you pull towards you. This is really a portable radial arm saw, and is much more useful. You can build a bench, and mount it in there with the bed flush, and cut large things like crown mouldings and fascia boards, and all kinds of furniture parts.

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    I trained as a Joiner years ago and bought a cheap evoloution from B&Q when my old expensive one gave up last year it works just fine I am retired now so begrudged forking out a load of cash.

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    For the money the Evolutions are hard to beat. Had mine a while and it will cut everything I want. The ability to go through bits of metal, pipe etc is a good thing to have.

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    I used an Evolution 7" circular when I put the roof on my garage, once I'd set the blade with a set square it was spot on.....surviving several drops off the bench too.

    Spoke to Evolution after one of these and he told me the cheapest way to buy one was to get a factory reconditioned one from their fleabay shop.



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