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Thread: Swapping between nv and scope

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    Swapping between nv and scope

    Is it possible to have a day scope and night vision running off a picatinny rail with some kind of repeatable zero ?
    I am sending a rifle that I mostly use for deer stalking in for a re-barrel and this leaves me without medium cal rifle for a few months, I have a sako 75 with a allan rhone rail which a drone pro sits on but really want to know what qd scope rings if any are the best to use for repeatability to change over from nv to a scope and back and anyone's experiences good or bad if any ?

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    Hi DF

    I have the same issue

    well I will when the drone comes back from being fixed,

    I had the rail from Alan at the shooting show but needed low mounts for the scope so to keep it as low as possible with the rail on,

    stand by bud they are not cheap

    I am on a wait out so I took the rail off and slapped the zeiss back on until it comes back,

    not happy but hayho.

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    I use drone pro & a day scope
    And swap in seconds on a sako m591
    I have a inference fit pictinnay rail & I use warne maxima QR mounts on a day scope , & the drone goes straight on the rail

    Works a treat


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