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Thread: Last stag of the season 2014-15

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    Last stag of the season 2014-15

    Last day of the season and pressure to catch up with the cull. I stalked on a group of reds - 2 young stags and couple of hinds, but also bumped on a roe deer, that started barking and they were all about to run, but still got a chance to squeeze the trigger when the deer were moving between the trees.

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    Easy ground for the drag out Greg!

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    Quote Originally Posted by goathunter1 View Post
    Easy ground for the drag out Greg!
    True, we managed to get the car right next to the stag no drag at all this time. In comparison to Scottish forestry easy peasy; )

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    These days at Merkins fairly toughened you up!!!

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    Nice one greg. How's life treating you back home.....P's I like the trailer at the end

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    HO HO your in the credits big man,

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    Nice video greg nice to see scott in the credits.

    Regards Kev
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    Good video as always, a pleasure to watch cheers for posting Greg. Plus nice little stag

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    Thanks guts for your kind comments.
    Scott, it is good to be back home, but miss Scotland a bit too.

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    nice one greg good to see your wearing the sldg jacket
    cheers tam

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