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Thread: Morton rifle range.

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    Morton rifle range.

    After a good clean of my two rifles i was thinking of having a trip to this new facility. My concerns are this.... Do they allow expanding? What does it cost? Do they allow us tweedie types? What gear do you need? Where TF is it?

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    Indoor Rifle Range Morton Clay Targets Livingston Scotland | Morton Clay Targets

    link above, sorry no idea about your other questions

    edit, just read you can use expanding for zeroing purposes in the FAQ's section of their site.

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    I know that Morton do now allow expanding ammo.

    I've been using the pipe range at Braidwood (by St Boswells) a fair bit & I'd recommend it if you're heading down the A68 anytime soon. As there is only one range you will have it to yourself & it's 10 per 30 mins, although you'll probably want it for an hour once you start testing a few things. It's not terribly busy yet but I'd book.

    Neither of them are open on Mondays

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    If only Carlsberg done their website... "open 6 days including Sundays"!! Do we have to guess which day it's shut? No tarrifs or pricing, directions from Edinburgh only. No answer from the only phone number which is a mobile.

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    It costs 25 per hour and has six lanes. It is not heavily used so no need to book. Each lane has its own camera system and the targets can be set at 25, 50, 75 and 100 metres. It is on the right of the A71 about 1 mile from the Livingston turnoff if coming from Edinburgh. It is well signposted. Once you turnoff the A71 it is about 2 miles up a single track road. There is no dress code but my advice is to wear something warm. There appears to be no problem about using non target ammo.

    Lastly I dont think it opens until 10am which may be why you are not getting an answer at the moment.


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    It's a good facility, underused.
    Three of us were there yesterday and took a lane each for 1/2 hour then some clays.
    The range cost is 25 /hour and 12.50 for the half. Not sure on clays.
    You can have a comfortable seat by a fire, a hot drink and something to long as it's a burger or a fry-up .

    No dress code.
    Expanding IS allowed for zeroing.
    No second hand socks taken in part exchange

    Head for junction 3 on the m8, the go straight down the dual carriageway alongside Livingston till you get to the roundabout at the bottom..Lizzy Bryce roundabout.
    Take the a71 towards Edinburgh for about 1/4 mile and watch for the right turn signposted Morton.
    Go under the wee railway bridge and keep on up the hill.

    As per the above, wear warm togs, it's baltic in there. Best to take your own targets...plain white a4 with "Red Dot" works well
    They have benchrest bean bags and ear defenders.
    Wear ear defenders...the noise is Horrendous
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    I know that turning PF... was there not a fishery there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I know that turning PF... was there not a fishery there?
    Yes,still is. Not sure if it has any connection with the clays etc.
    Nice fishery location but not cheap and found it to be a bit dour but i am a rubbish fisherman.
    ps..the range and clay turning is about 100 yards past the fishery turning and on the left.
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    Glad to see they cater for pistols.

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    Tip the contents of your tackle box into the water and watch which ones they snap up?

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