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Thread: Best swapable mount solution for Photon.

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    Best swapable mount solution for Photon.

    I'm looking at buying a Photon night sight and would like to be able to swap it between my Tikka T3 .223 and my CZ452 .22lr without loss of zero....and I don't want it to cost a fortune .

    Is this possible? and if so advice on mounts please.
    I've never used or fitted a picattinny, is that the way to go?

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    Your T3 and theCZ would probably need different zeros ?

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    Hi, i would recommend the SW-30 mount system from Yukon, with that you can then use a weaver rail system on both rifles and swap between. Bearing in mind you would need to note X and Y axis numbers to swap Photon between rifles, and a safe range check each time to ensure its maintained.

    Whether it maintains exact zero relies a lot on quality of rail and mounts used, and of course rail placement return each time,

    I had this conversation with one of the Team GB guys and he assured me quality weaver mount/base configs do allow accurate return to zero, but i personally would recommend a range check each swap to be safe.

    Weaver rail for your .22rf is about £19 and the Tikka is £89 from us for genuine one, or £49 from Tier One tactical for an aftermarket (and equally good rail)



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    Thanks very much Paul.
    Hope to see you at Kelso.
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    Do both those mounts allow for both elevation and windage adjustment on the mount? If they don't do both then you may have issues as the main downside of the Photon XT is that it does not line up with the bore on everything I have tried mine on (2x air rifles & a 1417 so far), plus they always need some elevation adjustment to get near to a zero. Correcting the offset using the built in zero adjustment only works if you are close otherwise the cross ends up in the bottom left side of the screen again.... So in my experience a mount that has both elevation and windage adjustment on the mount itself is what you want. Otherwise they are great value for money & I am interested to hear how you get on as this is something I am looking into as well.

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    The .22 is away getting the barrel shortened + picatinny fitted and I have yet to fit the picatinny to the T3.
    Will get back when all done and had a chance to try it out.
    I'm well pleased with the photon. Had it on the .22 or and it's good kit.
    Definitely need the extra ir though, I got the combined kit of both for £419.99 from Scott Country.
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    If the Leupold QR mount can be found for the CZ this could be the answer. Or

    EAW or Recknagel could also have a solution.

    I am thinking the same way to swap a Photon and a Kahles scope on a 243 rifle.

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    Have you considered a nite site if you want to swap nv between rifles without having to change zero

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    I recently tried one of these:

    Samson - DMR 30mm 2" Quick Release Return-to-Zero Scope Mounts

    Removing and replacing the mount showed no zero shift.

    These have proved good too:

    BURRIS PEPR QD SCP MNT 30MM PIC TOPS - East Midlands Regional Range
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    Hales... I have Leupold QR's ready to be fitted to a day scope. The photon will be going on a SW-30 I got from Scott Country.
    Work in progress. Will report back.

    Fusrty... got the photon as price, spec and reviews were all good.
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