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Thread: Sierra 45gr hornet

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    Sierra 45gr hornet

    Hello all
    Has any one using the above bullets experienced them just penciling straight through? I'm using them in a .222 remington over 20grs of n-133 giving 2740 fps. It's very accurate but I have shot 3 foxes all have died but two fell over only to get up and run both were dead when found but! Have shot one today from the lounge window a shoulder to shoulder shot two broken legs one dead fox but no expansion! Any ideas gratefully received. I will be speeding them up alittle but the rifle seems to like it slower?

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    If they were going to expand as designed, then 2750fps is as much as they would have got from a hornet.
    I have used them in a hornet on rabbits, chosen for lack of damage, that said they made a mess of a side on fox at 100 yards.


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    Being a bullet that was designed for the hornet I expected relatively good expansion at slower speeds.

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    Like most bullets it is down to what it hits.
    I will say the Hornady 45 grain hornet bullet has a better BC than
    the Sierra, and is far more destructive, even on head shot rabbits.


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    Ive got a couple of boxes to use then I have a box of nosler 45grs to try as im struggling to get 50grs to group!

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