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Thread: variation time scales

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    variation time scales

    What would you say a reasonable time for a variation from start to finish?

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    Been covered very nicely here for you mate
    variation in variation times across forces: collecting data

    Under two weeks is what I expect.

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    I guess it depends if it's a like for like or a change of calibre etc. I put in for a change of calibre and it took nearly 3 months, despite being told of a 10 day turn around initially. It took so long in the end, I managed to get two other variations granted over the phone. I've heard of variations being sent back within a week, I think thats reasonable.

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    it depends ben in which part of the country up north down south ,wales ok,here in middle earth forget it,
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    Best thing is to talk to your FEO before you put in and find out what the wait is. That way you will not be left guessing. Times vary often due to workload and workforce numbers.


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    My mate phones up and goes in and sits there while they type it. Surrey.
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    Wilts are the same as above

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    Any ticket holder looking for a variation from West Mercia/Warwickshire might want to visit them on 25th April. I went to the last one and had an additional .308, mod and another .223 mod added while I waited.

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    Just had devon and Cornwall turn a variation round in 10 days. Great service.


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