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Thread: Dog costs per month

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    Dog costs per month

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    Mine are gwp's but basically food 25 on skinners, insurance about the same. Vets general flea and worming and vaccinations etc bank on another 15 or so.

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    our 3 dogs get through a 15kg sack of feed a month (2 labs and a cocker) about 20, insurance for all 3 is probably about 90 a month, annual bills for routine stuff is probably about 150-200 all in, but if money is your driver, forget it. The dogs always come first, if they need something, they get it, when they get older, they will cost more in both insurance and treatment if they require any long term medication. Kennelling costs if you want to go away etc, soon add up.
    Whilst money has to be a consideration, if someone came to me for a puppy and were asking a question like this, I would be very cautious about selling them a dog, just my opinion, but hey.
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    food about 20 a month jab once a year 25 for one springer spaniel, I don't bother with insurance never had a bill over 100 for the vets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    if someone came to me for a puppy and were asking a question like this, I would be very cautious about selling them a dog, just my opinion, but hey.
    Should have known better than to ask I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Should have known better than to ask I guess.
    you do open yourself to it when you ask but really the finance side is the easy side, places not to scrimp are with the buying a pup. That is when you want to be very careful and buy a decent one as it is where you can make expensive mistakes.
    That and if you haven't got or had a dog a HWV is going to be jumping in at the deep end, good fun but if a house dog then you need to be prepared. Mine live in but you need to set the ground rules and they are a large potentially destructive dog if bored.

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    Thanks for the helpful replies but on second thoughts I'll be doing my research elsewhere, just less hassle that way.

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    It is difficult to quantify, and dog ownership IMHO shouldn't be finely balanced by funds - but emphasis on "finely", and as you can't run dogs on fresh air I don't see it as an unreasonable question to ask. If you've never owned one, how would you know? How much does it cost to own a horse? Dunno, never owned one. Or a python. Or tropical fish..... You get the idea.

    So - my dog is prob about the same size as a HWV (more or less); a 15kg sack of food - supplemented by various leftovers - costs around ten to twelve quid and lasts around 4/5 weeks. I self-insure; insurance was getting daftly expensive, and doesn't cover jabs but also has an excess. Insurance is a personal choice. Jabs about 70 quid, but she has everything. Another thing to budget for is kennels for when you go on holiday - could be up to 15 quid/day/dog. Flea/tick/worm treatment is around a tenner a month. Other costs? Toys, chews, etc.....

    Dog ownership costs money and can be quite expensive....... But I can't imagine not having dogs now. The pleasure they bring can be priceless......
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    I would have thought feed costs come down in March if shooting heavily pregnant roe does??

    Every little helps!


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    Mike, I wasn't having a go, just saying, no need to take offense, it was advice, you asked for advice..... But you're talking about buying a dog which if you go with a hwv, is going to cost you somewhere in the region of 750 I would imagine, a colleague of mine has one which has had two major operations on both its cruciate ligaments costing well into the multiple thousands in its first 4 years, which are now lifetime conditions, which push premiums up, so there is no finite number you can put in dog ownership, they cost what they cost. Food and annual jabs are the cheap part.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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