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Thread: New Bow.

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    New Bow.

    Just getting used to my new bow. Great fun. 8 inch circle. Get it down to 4 inch and I will be ready for Africa next year.
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    What range are you shooting from? What bow do you have? I am considering a compound bow to play with. Only done a bit of archery but I like the challenge of it.

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    Looking good, one lesson I learnt was not to fire to many arrows into a target as it gets expensive when you split them

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    Looking at angle of arrow entry (or lack thereof) that has to be a compound of not inconsiderable velocity.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 762Scot View Post
    What range are you shooting from? What bow do you have? I am considering a compound bow to play with. Only done a bit of archery but I like the challenge of it.
    Hi mate, the distance was 12 yards. The bow is a bog standard 55 lb compound from eBay. Archery supplies direct if I remember correctly. Bloody addictive and great fun.

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    Just lost a post.
    It is fun. Have been looking at Matthews bows, Hoyt ad PSE have their following too. Most likely end up with a 50-60Lb draw.

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    Are you using a release aid? If not you should try one. They will help with accuracy.
    Also what sights and arrow rest?
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    The other thing I'd recommend is having 4 to 6 dots as the target, If you try and shoot groups like a rifle you will find you bust up a lot of nock's and ruin arrows....

    And agreed on the release aid - although I prefer the hand held ones - not the wrist strap type....

    I have been practicing pretty much every second day and can now consistently hit a 3" circle at 30 and 25 yards, and a 2" at 20 and 15 (which is where I have my sight pins are set), I did have to wind my bow back to 58lbs as I hurt my shoulder after sighting in my pins and shot way more arrows than I thought I did and the next day my shoulder ball joint (rotator cuff) was very sore and tender.

    I was never a big fan of bows but now love them!



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    Click image for larger version. 

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    33m with my 70lb compound , I'm still amazed at just how good the new kit is !

    just brought an American flatbow and I'm loving going back to basics
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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