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    High a mate of mine has a 25-06 and is looking for a load that is going to do as little as damage as possible, any loads/bullet type?


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    seriously I guess you are talking meat damage?
    120 grn not loaded to the max.

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    Barnes TSX should work well.

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    Never experienced any problems using Nosler 110gn Accubonds. I load Remington & Federal brass, 53gns IMR4831 to a cartridge OAL of 3.393" +/- .001" & a comparator measurement of 2.870". Rem. 91/2 primers. Crimp using Lee Factory Crimp die. 22" barrel gives me approx. 3120fps MV. Very accurate & very consistent.
    Works for me but use your own discretion developing a load.
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    Heavier bullets with controlled expansion such as Barnes or Nosler partition driven at speeds below 3000 fps.
    Something like a Barnes TSX (TTSX seem to expand quicker as they have a larger hollow point under the tip) in 120 grain driven at about 2800-2900 will be ideal.

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    It's worth remembering that little damage can also mean a lot of long runners if your mate heart/lung shoots his deer. Long runners at last light can be a right pain! From personal experience, I've used 117 grain soft points in the past which do very little damage.

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    I must admit hoping your mate has a dog when I read this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by long_range_rob View Post
    I must admit hoping your mate has a dog when I read this.
    Care to enlighten me !!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalkerboydy View Post
    Care to enlighten me !!!!!
    Read post 6 and 7 as one. Runners may require a dog. Lots of long runners increase the chance of needing that dog! If the OP's mate shoots Sika then heaven help him as he may need to get permission to follow up in the neighbouring county?

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    100g barnes ttsx, pushed fast. So far so good with these, only shot them for a few months, had a few reds and sika and had quick kills and minimal damage. The only damage I have had was on a roe kid and that was the exit on the opposite shoulder, which was my error. I wasn't sold on the concept of these initially but have been impressed thus far.

    Any monos pushed slowly will probably not expand as well, best avoided I think.
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