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Thread: Border Stalkers Rifle Shoot.

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    Border Stalkers Rifle Shoot.

    Greetings Gent's

    The dates for this years Border Stalkers shoots are as follows:

    19th April
    North West Shield

    21st June
    Chris Batty Shield

    16th August
    Hubertus Shield

    All shoots to be held at the Penrith Clay Pigeon shooting ground (Bowscar). Start times are all 10.00hrs.
    Details are, Main Comp, Pool Shoot, and Zero card as well as a free raffle (open to entrants of the Main Comp)for a bottle stolen from Hubert's Frisky Whiskey store.

    Kind regards.


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    Bump + hoping the weather holds



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    See you sunday weather permitting Sooty

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    Besides reports of frozen fingers and glass etcher's nipple from a very fresh morning, here's what's left fit to put into print at this time......

    Border Stalkers Spring Shoot.

    North West Shield and Mike Newby Decanter
    1. J Wolfe 90/30-120
    2. S Heaps 88/30-118
    3. C Wolf 88/29-117
    4. S Wolf 87/29-116
    5. R Barnes 88/28-116

    Pool Shoot
    1. D Hartley 10/10-20
    2. M Bell 10/9-19
    3. R Barnes 10/9-19
    4. S Heaps 10/9-19

    The Free Raffle for a bottle of Hubert's Frisky Whiskey (ably liberated from HWH's private store by R Gillespie) was won by P Gee (I have no idea if he prefers Coffee, you'll have to ask him about that)

    Many thanks go to all who helped on the day, and to donations towards the prize fund.

    We hope to see all and more on the 21st June for the summer shoot.


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    Hopefully onshore for next one

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    Congratulations to Johnny Wolfe for his perfect score.


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    Just a reminder for this weekend, Sunday 21st

    Kind regards.


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    I'll be there plus a couple more

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    So.... They didn't buy you a bigger boat!!

    Here's hoping the weather stays fine, for Cumbria that is ;-)


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    Excellent day again with some impressive "stalking" rifles
    cheers Dave and bear for another superb day

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