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Thread: Left Handed .308

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    Left Handed .308


    I am in the market for a LH .308. I was well outbid on a Sauer 202 that was in the Holts auction last week and that was really stretching it.

    Ideally I'd like to spend circa 1000 on a rifle alone. If anyone has a second hand rifle ideally Sauer, Sako etc I would be very interested.

    Otherwise I'll resign myself to a new Tikka.

    Show me what you've got

    Many thanks,


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    Sounds like you and JasonH both priced each other out of the market on the same rifle!

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    I think there were a few in for it. I went to see it on the Wednesday. Scope was ropey and the barrel was filthy but externally it was gorgeous. I found a rod and brush to push through which helped clear some of the muck but it didn't instill the greatest confidence...

    I forgot to mention that I am in North Dorset over the Bank Holiday weekend with my parents so I can view around that area as well.


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    Got a left handed Tikka T3 Varmint in 25-06 and A left handed Remington 700 SPS in .223 if you know anyone after them.

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    There's a left hand Remington 270 for sale on here. Maybe not the exquisite Sauer that you were looking at, but I know this is a very accurate rifle that is nice to shoot

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    Yep I could have sold you my .308 202 in select grade had I been the lucky bidder for the avantegarde at Holts sadly it went way above my hammer limit of 2200.

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    Forgot to say hold out and save up for a good second hand 202 I have a tikka t3 in the US at the moment and it's a great functional rifle but can't hold a candle to the ownership experience of a Sauer they are just frankly ace.

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