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Thread: Nitesite NS200 Night Vision add on

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    Nitesite NS200 Night Vision add on

    Nitesite NS200 full kit. Comes with 1 of the original type lead acid battery and a 6800 mah aditional lithium ion battery and charger. To be completely honest this renders the original battery obsolete, and is even longer lasting than the new battery nitesite sell which is 4800mah. I do not unfortunately have the original charger, but I will include the old battery anyway.

    Detection range for foxes is around 250yds in ideal conditions. I tend to keep shots below 125 just to be on the safe side.

    Any questions just send me a message.

    Final price drop - 350 posted - May swap for a .22lr setup
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    Where abouts are you on Dartmoor

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    Near Poundsgate

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    bump - 375 posted

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    Final price drop - 350 posted

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    Hello i would like this please, can you please pm me a mobile number or an email address as i cant pm yet, someone over on the pigeon watch forum said this was for sale on here, so i joined up as been looking for one for ages, i have money waiting if you can post and take paypal


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    Sorry cant reply to pms yet but thats fine just let me no if he doest get back, i can paypal cash tonight?


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