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    Little query

    Pal has recently been given autherisation to have a 9.3x74 by his FEO with certain conditions which really are a pain but that's another story ,he's found a nice Zoli combination o/u 12g 9.3x74 the 12 being suitable for slug .can he purchase said rifle with just the rifle authorisation he has a s/g cert obviously
    Cheers Norma

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    not sure, best check with the police as authorisation to acquire 'might' stipulate the action type..might..otherwise I would say yes..

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    The answer is no. He will have to have his FAC varied to read 9.3x74mm/12bore combination gun.

    Is it the one at Ivythorne with the ammo included?

    What's the issue over conditions and which force is it? If it's what and where I think it is then it should be a relatively pain free process to get sorted.

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    Got it.

    BTW he'll also need to have 12 bore slug entered on his FAC if he intends to use them. The positive spin off from that is that once they are on there he can also use them in any suitable S.2 shotgun he has on his SGC.

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