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Thread: Another Project.

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    Another Project.

    Tonight I traded a tall cup of coffee from the local McDonalds restaurant (one of JAYB's favorite haunts) for a sporterized 1903A3 Springfield 30-06. The barreled action is OK. It has Leupold bases and rings and a cheap Tasco scope. The magazine spring and follower is trash and the stock is a hacked up military.

    In my basement I happened to have a very nice walnut sporter stock for a 1903 Springfield and an action. From this I took the milled magazine/trigger guard assembly, complete, and mounted it on the new barreled action. The stock from the 1903 will have the recoil lug area routered a bit to fit the wider recoil lug of the 03A3 and then be re-glassed. I will give the whole unit to my future son-in-law instead of the Savage I was planning on.

    I have shot this rifle in the past but it didn't feed due to the bad magazine follower and spring. If I remember right it liked Speer 180 grain Soft Points and 4350 as well as Winchester Silver Tip 165 grin factory ammunition. With these loads is was quite accurate but my friend has never liked it and was glad to trade it off for 1$ worth of hot liquid. It will be ready to shoot again, restocked, by tomorrow evening. Who says you can't get anything for a dollar these days??~Muir
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    OK Muir go on rub it in......

    I try too be patient while waiting for the pkotos.

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    Now let me guess who you traded with?? I take it that it was during a "board meeting" the trade took place and the Chief got the coffee.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Gee! It's just like you were there, JAYB.

    Brit: When the gun is together I'll post some photos and groups. As to rubbing it in... Don't know about that! I can get "trailer trash" guns cheap but you find Rigbys and BSA's. Who's rubbing it to whom??? ~Muir

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    Hello Muir

    Just wondered if you or anyone you know has first hand experience of the Trijicon 3-9x40 scope with the triangle type reticle.

    Are they as good as Craig Boddington is being paid to say they are

    Any help appreceiated


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    Well I just love to hear this kind of story. Not everything has to cost a fortune when you have a bit of ingenuity and don't want the latest thing.

    The closest experience I've had is building a 2002 BMW from a friend's mother discard -she had blown the engine (amongst other things) and I paid 30 for it (in the 70's mind). Very satisfying project and car.

    Your Springfield coup sounds even better!

    All the best - Neal

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    Max: No personal experience but I have friends who are into more modern trappings. I'll ask around for you.

    Neal: Neat project! How long did it take you?? This Springfield will take longer than expected. The 1903 action was badly glassed into the stock and that all has to come out before the 03A3 can go in. (Nutz.) ~Muir

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    I can't actually remember, but it was 4-6 months of real effort with a helper. There were real lows (and then fortunately highs) as we encountered innumerably technical challenges and eventually found a way through each of them. But the thing is I have more memorable stories about that project & then using the car than anything else I've ever owned.

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    My (then quite young) son and I restored a 1969 VW Karmann Ghia back before the internet; scrounging parts and machining those we couldn't find. Agreed! Some of my best memories. When my son got old enough to get interested in shooting the memories were supplanted by those of long days down on the Mexican border, sitting in what little shade we could make for ourselves in the 126-degree heat, shooting ground squirrels and drinking gallons of water. We shot a lot of squirrels but mostly just talked. It's funny what you remember.~Muir

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