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Thread: What's he chewed up now...!

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    What's he chewed up now...!

    Ok guys,

    Whats the worst or most expensive item your dog has ever chewed up?

    My house spaniel chewed up my newly returned FAC I had been waiting months for last week

    What about you?

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    Not expensive but certainly inconvenient - Once had a Patterdale terrier in the Landrover and called for a pint. We were out for a few days so had the camping gear in the back. Came back to find this black smelly liquid tar everywhere.... what the hell is that as it did smell familiar?

    The answer was in the back in the form of an empty OXO box!

    The dog had sniffed out the beef stock cubes and eaten the full box including foil.... but obviously couldn't keep them down

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    Our GSP chewed up my wife's car key when she was a pup, cost over £300 to get a replacement and to get the car coded for it. The GWP has chewed up a couple of pairs of my trainers ( always mine and only mine for some reason!) Also a coffee table to destruction!

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    My favourite merino and possum wool beanie! Not expensive but I was pissed!
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    I had a lab pup that only chewed up three things:

    1. The entire wiring loom in a landrover.

    2. A guests leather rifle case to a state of total destruction, I offered to pay for it. The most expensive rifle case that i've never owned!

    3. The entire stock on my first ever new rifle.

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    Used to steal and chew trainers on a regular basis, "dog beds" would sometimes only last a day! Even went for my salmon rods on the garage wall once but I got him in time with that one. It all mounts up!

    When I am home he gets deer legs and loves em, when I'm away the wife keeps him occupied with big cut bones from the butchers shop, he goes through them like they are soft chews, incredible jaw strength but it has stopped him chewing everything else.

    Still wouldn't be without him though!

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    My "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" spaniel has progressed from a fiver to a £20.00 note the other day....

    Several pairs of shooting socks, also a note book with two grand's worth of work ready to be made up into invoices....!! I did manage to salvage the notes but a heart stopping moment lol

    Wouldn't swap him for any thing....


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    When my Labrador was a puppy, I left her in the car during a ferry trip home from Ireland. When I went down to the car deck there was a huge crowd around my car, she had eaten my portfolio of chainsaw certificates (15 certificates at £30 each to replace) and was happily munching on the end of my (not so cheap) fly rod. She must've racked up a £600 bill at least that day. Kept the crowd entertained though.
    The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

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    My Hannoverscher ate a pair of my socks(yes poor dog).....this was the week before our Schweisshundpruefung(our test)
    He vomited one sock up a few days before the test and I had commented how I thought he was not himself.
    He actually seemed fine after that sock was thrown up......question was what had happened to the other sock.....
    I couldn't find it.
    Not at my friends house where we were prior to test.Not in bag....nowhere to be found.

    3 months later,Pascha went off his food,off his water and lost 6 kilo in 2 days.
    After a blood test,high Lymphocytes were found,I said to vet X-Ray,told them about missing sock.....nothing showed up on X-Ray.....Ultra sound.....nothing showed up....I was asked do we open him up.

    I said yes.....

    Over £1000 later and a sock that had been in him for 3 months,I got my sock back.
    Had been causing a blockage.

    I am a very lucky dog owner to still have a dog,healed very quick as well,was back tracking within a month.

    Watch for socks.......
    Discretion assured
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    Got a phone call from my strife to say 'home now' then the phone down, I new it was bad,so obeyed her command and when I got there she pointed to a shredded duvet cover lying on the ground below the washing line, so I managed to console her and tell her not to worry al get us a new one and then she pointed to the weans trampoline and said you might as well get a new safety net to if your feeling flush cause it ripped it to bits to, 246 quid that day- a muzzle 2.45 and a face to face talk inside his kennel the next day.

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