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Thread: The SD SACS insurance scheme

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    The SD SACS insurance scheme

    I will not be running this service again in the future. I am sorry if this inconveniences some of you but it is quite a task for me to undertake, and it is made no easier by having to constantly chase people in order to do them a favour. So I am sorry but it just takes up too much of my time at a busy time of the year, especially now that there is extra work and more of my time required for the supporters bursary scheme.

    Before anybody asks, neither I or the site makes anything from this it was purely for the benefit of members. I am sorry but it is the way it has to be, so for those involved when your membership expires on the last day of April you will need to make your own insurance arrangements.

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    John, many thanks for providing the service in the past and thank you for the heads up on renewals.

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    Agree with above, many thanks, when we renew will we still get a club/forum discount?


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    Dave, I don't know mate.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Many thanks for your efforts John
    Couldn't the code monkey generate a web form that will submit directly to sacs that the Sd member completes?
    just seems an easy way to keep the association between the two in place but make the process easier.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Heads up for former SD Scheme SACS members.

    Had a letter from SACS today directing me to the website where I could still take advantage of the 'club' membership discount.

    This is 32 as opposed to the full 40 yearly subscription.

    Takes a minute to do by going to and clicking on the 'Club Member' tab.

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    Got my letter from SACS today (wouldn't an email be cheaper?) and renewed this afternoon at the discounted rate.

    Thanks for setting this up.

    Much appreciated.
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    Hi Guys, I called SACS to renew my membership a week or so ago, told them I was on here, got a new rate of 32....instead of 40...

    Thanks John...

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