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Thread: V8 v Z6i

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    V8 v Z6i

    Hello all. Has anyone out there been lucky enough to own both of the above scopes. It's the Zeiss V8 2.8 - 20 x 56 against the Swarovski Z6i 2.5 - 15 x 56 I'm interested in. How do they compare in low light and woodland stalking. I realise thats a lot of mag for woodland but, they both wind down low and the high mag will come in handy for hill and open fields. Is there one of them more robust, I know they are both great names and are top notch build quality but, my equipment get a hard time. ( i'm a clumsy oaf ) Any advice in the comparison of the two would be helpful. Regards, cjs

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    Is the v8 a 36mm tube or something like that ?

    Have te you considered if you can buy mounts to mount one to your rifle ?

    The swarovski is 30mm so not a problem

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    i have several pre z series swarovskis and a v8 coming on a new rifle so can report in a few weeks fyi recknagel mounts available for the v8 via alan rhome

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    Hi Markfox. Mounting not a prob. Didn't want to mention the "B" word.. lol cjs

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    I have the V8 1.8-14X50 with Zeiss ZM rail, so no mounting problem.
    I have looked through quite a few top end scopes, and for me this was the best one.
    I shot a fallow buck 2 weeks ago, at 120m after 6 pm on a cloudy day, when you couldn't tell with the naked eye if there is something there, and struggling to see properly with my Zeiss Conquest HD binos. The V8 made the difference though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjs66 View Post
    Hi Markfox. Mounting not a prob. Didn't want to mention the "B" word.. lol cjs
    Mid it's going on a ( the word we shall not mention) on a rail then you'll be fine

    give it a try it's got a wide mag and its a top of the range scope so I doubt there's anything in it between them

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    I have the swaro but not the Zeiss. I'm very happy with mine. To be honest I think either is will be fine and it is really going to be down to aesthetics.
    im going to guess that the Zeiss will weigh more than the swaro. I can't be bothered to look it up.
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    Have v8. mounting is no problem. Ring or rail much the same price as 30mm. I went with rail and recknagel.
    The was going to go with z6 because it was lighte, v8 is a good bit heavier. Reason I when Zeiss is issue with swaro and losing zero. Breaking spring.
    Am very happy with v8

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    Have both, prefer the V8. Also maybe look at Leica Magnus. The tracking on the V8 is way superior to anything I have used. Tier One (Third eye tactical) produce a very sturdy set of mounts.

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