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Thread: Anyone see a bullet base like this??

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    Anyone see a bullet base like this??

    Anyone ever came across a bullet with a base like this before? Any ideas what it could be, just curious

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    It's standard construction on 8mm FMJ war-era bullets which have the exposed lead core poured into the cup ... if that's what you mean.

    I haven't seen any with a centre cavity.... the hole appears to have been drilled through.
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    Could it be a tracer bullet with the incendiary compound missing???


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    dose the hole go far in? if so it could be a penetrator round without the core? maybe?

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    It is either a tracer bullet OR if it has a stepped jacket then an incendiary bullet. BOTH have the same sort of base. There should be a metal disc with a hole in it holding the core in place.

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    Thanks all for the replies.

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