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Thread: Holiday Cottage in the Highlands

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    Holiday Cottage in the Highlands

    Hi All,
    A quick link to our cottage on the shores of the Cromarty Firth.

    Osprey Cottage: Scottish Highlands & Islands, holiday cottage, ... | HomeAway


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    Lovely cottage, shame about the no pets rule. If I am coming stalking so is my mutt, and I am not coming that far north without a rifle. Even a kennel would help.

    Very nice though. Like the hide.


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    Hi CWY308,
    The no pets rule is just something we carried on from when we were with one of the big advertising companies.

    Regarding kennels I have 2 enclosed kennels with insulated beds and covered runs in a small yard, 15 yards from the front of the cottage that our dogs stay in if we are off for half a day or so. but they are rarely in them.

    If a guest needed the use of them they would be most welcome.


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    When we holiday our pet goes with us and sleeps in it's own bed by ours.
    You'd be surprised at how many Hotels are accepting dogs (within reason) these days.

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