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    Gday all,
    I used to be on this forum a couple of years back but can't remember my name or email or any of that so thought I'd just start again.

    I'm 24, live in Australia and mad keen on big game hunting. Been doing it all my life, do a little guiding on the side but mostly just for myself.

    Had a pretty good start to the year, managed to take my first hog deer which is by far the highlight of my hunting life.
    Then a couple of weeks ago my brother managed to take a cracking fallow. Just getting ready to gear up for the rut now, heard a red stag roaring while I was camping out for duck opening last weekend so it seems the rut is kicking off early this year.

    My passion in hunting revolves around two things, hunting with my GSP Ellie and hunting with my blackpowder muzzleloader. Heading off this Sunday for a week chasing some fallow, hoping that Ellie will point her first fallow buck and I can take my first buck with the muzzy, if I can put those two things together I'll be mounting it regardless of size.
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    Welcome to the site, again

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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