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    I am Arun from India. I am into target shooting & FT, air rifles. Recently moving to .22lr. Planning to buy a BSA Supersport-Five, and need a few info and suggestions on it.


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    Arun, welcome. What are the laws and regulations regarding hunting in India these days? What are the fireamr legislations? Qie exciting to have a member from far afield. If you need any help finding and exporting a gun to India let me know. Happy to help. John

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    Welcome to the site,

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    I tried to take a Feinwekbau 300 target air rifle with me in 2013 to Mumbai and Etihad airlines took it off the plane without notifying me and it then almost got lost in Munich airport as I was 4000km away and only my son in law managed to find it.
    It seems to still be a big deal to import anything into India.

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