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Thread: 140sst 07/08

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    140sst 07/08

    Reloads using h4350, any body any exsperience for the above?

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    Used them for a while but found carcass damage a bit much so switched to the hornady 139gr btsp and it's been really good thoroughly reccomemd them
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    I used to use the Hornady 139gr Interlock but did find their consistency in weight quite variable hence inconsistent accuracy, having said that on the whole they certainly weren't too bad.

    Switched to Sierra 140gr SPBT Gameking and found them to be excellent for accuracy, terminal performance and less carcass damage (I assume because they are a slightly tougher bullet and hold together better).

    I now use the Sierra 140gr HPBT Gameking, an even tougher bullet than the soft point Gameking. Very accurate. Why switch, because I used these in other calibres namely 243 and 308 and found them to be super accurate with good terminal performance and minimal meat damage.

    Load all these with R15 excepting the 160gr Sierra SPBT Gameking which I load with H414, another load which to be honest I don't really use very often.

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    I use H and IMR 4350 with Sierra Game King and 150 grain Game Kings. Works great. I use Varget or IMR 4064 with Game Pro 120's.

    I have completely given up on SSTs. Too many reports by good hunters who have lost game using them. No probs with plain Interlocks, but I prefer the Sierras.~Muir

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    I had the same results as Jimbo.. the 139gn SSTs through my 7-08 did unacceptable levels of carcass damage. I went on to use 140 SGKs and 140 VLDs. Both were very accurate and responded well on carcasses from roe to red stags.

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    I have had/used several 7x57 rifles over 50 years, currently have two and started with the 7/08 last autumn season. I have settled on 140 bullets in all of these long ago, I use Nosler Pts. and ABs, with total satisfaction.

    Our deer here in BC, range from 110 Coastal bucks to 350 lb. interior Mule Deer bucks and Elk and Moose are often avallable on the same hunt(s).

    So, I feel that premium bullets are the best option, for MY needs, YMMV.

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    140-gr SST in the 7mm-08 and 150-gr SST in the .308 Win are very accurate, but they are meant for deer at 200 yards or more. With H-4350, start at 42.0 grains and work up to 45.0 or 46.0, depending on the brass.

    Closer in, just use vanilla Hornady 140-gr Interlock or Sierra Pro Hunter or Gameking.

    If you want an all-around bullet for deer from 100-lb to 400-lb reds, step up to the 154-gr Interlock, 150-gr Sierra or 150-gr Nosler.

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    thanks guys , sounds like these sst may be ok for fox! and thats about it

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