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Thread: British Deer Stalking Association or similar

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    British Deer Stalking Association or similar

    Who would be interested in joining a new organisation for deer stalkers and managers looking after our interests primarily.

    (Begin Rant>>>
    it is not iminent just asking as I am sick and tired of getting SH*T on by public bodies with acronyms for names who play god and poor political service from similar ones who take my hard earned dosh. civil servants are here to assist us. it is in the fecking name, where did it go wrong?
    END RANT>>>)

    Insurance, training and other things all part of the deal.

    General election time. 1 eyed scottish communists need not apply
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    i would be interested , i have been brought up to look after those , who look after you , and i am a firm believer in helping others if i can !

    and organisation to help surport us as stalkers etc and nothing else would be a grand plan !

    cheers lee

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
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    Although I am in partial agreement with the sentiments posted, I think we should be better employed having a concerted effort to fix that which is broken, and a body to serve only stalkers would be a retrograde step, all who shoot should stand together, or suffer the fate of those who had been divided.
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    Correct me if I am wrong but don't we have one already in the BDS. When I suggested DMG's should be linked again I was told it would be too much too soon. Who is your target membership. Most of us belongs to one association or the other and believe in the mission statement of that organisation. I am SGA. others are BASC, SACS, NGO, BDS I do not see where an association of amatuers would pack much clout. Bring in the professionals and they would take over. Take SGA, if you pull out 20% of its membership to join your stalkers you are still too week to get a seat at the table and they are 20% less effective. A better way forward would be to join BDS or SACS and use your votes to get a seat at their table, Scottish politics differ from England so you would only be as strong as the membership north of the border. Bad call in my opinion.

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    I would join, but I'd echo Jim's and finnbear's comments. I do not believe a small, dedicated, stalking organisation would carry the necessary political clout. We need to work on getting proper representation within the established shooting bodies. I am a member of BASC, BDS, CA, GWCT, on the shooting side alone. I don't believe any of them adequately support and protect the deer stalker's interests, but I'd rather use these organisations size and (supposed) influence to achieve our end goals if possible.


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    Much as I echo your sentiments, I think it would be better to try and influence the existing "Broad Spectrum" organisations. I dropped out of BDS because i could not see the value, personally, of being a member. I am a member of the BASC because I need to be for insurance policies that are required where i shoot.

    I would love the Government to take fieldsports and shooting more seriously, but you only have to look at how our Olympic shooting events are being treated to realise how low we are on the totem pole. Splitting the pressure we can apply would do little good and much harm IMHO.

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    I am a member of the sportsmans association for insurance and they fight for gun owners rights.

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    Mutiny in the ranks I hear or is it that our existing organizations are just rank?

    Griff hit the nail on the head .
    Better putting our existing ones in order me thinks

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    I am a member of the basc as aome shooting organisation will only accept basc insurance.The fenland wildfowlers for one would not accept a guest who is insured with the ngo.I am a memeber of the bds but am pissed off with the whollier than though attitude.If you walk onto their stand at a game fair and you are not wearing a tie or speaking with a plum in your mouth they dont even want to pass the time of day with you

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    Correct me if I am wrong but don't we have one already in the BDS.
    The BDS is not a representative body for stalkers - it is a charity with the stated purpose of promoting deer welfare. It just so happens that a number of stalkers also have deer welfare at heart and join BDS, as they agree with the charitable aims of the Society.

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