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Thread: Tendering and Lease Management Skills Workshop

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    Tendering and Lease Management Skills Workshop

    East D&G DMG is holding an open to all Tendering and Lease Management Workshop from 6.30pm to 10.00pm on Tuesday April 21st at the Ecclefechan Hotel in SW Scotland, DG11 3DF.

    This workshop is FREE to our deer group members and just 10 to non members although you can join the deer group on the day (40 total) which would also give you a full one year of SACS insurance starting from May 1st included!

    The workshop will cover:

    Tendering documents for FC and other leases
    Building a strong Tender
    Risk Assessment and your lease
    Lone Working Policy and your syndicates
    Attendance, discipline and code of practice policy to protect your interests when working with syndicate members

    This workshop is to give people looking to become leaseholders a good understanding of the process for tendering and the importance of lease related documents and policies that help you manage your syndicates.

    If there is a good turnout then apart from basic tea and coffee we'll get the sandwiches and biscuits in too! To book your place please print and fill in the form here:
    Many thanks

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