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Thread: Posting pics

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    Posting pics

    Trying to post some pics in a thread but when I go to upload them it says i have exceeded my quota by so many KB. Pics range from 2.71 MB - 3.71 MB in size all in Jpeg.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?


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    I had the same issue a while back and needed to delete some of the pictures I had posted from the threads.

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    Hmm, I tried to load a couple of pics, but won't give me the option to browse my drive, only url option. It used to, but not sure what's changed - any help would be appreciated!

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    Should add, it's fine when replying to a thread, but not when sending a PM with a pic?!

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    Within pms you can only put pictures in by providing a link to the image.
    upload your picture to one of the image hosting sites then copy and paste the url to the image in the pm
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Ah, ok got it, many thanks!

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    If you're on a PC or Laptop, open the picture...

    Right click to "Open with ~"Paint"

    Top left side there should be a "RESIZE" icon, click this...

    Select "Pixels" from the new window, change the Verticle size between 600-900 depending on how big you want the picture size to be, and then save it in a new folder.
    This will reduce it from MB to KB...

    hope this helps..

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