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Thread: Deer stalking books

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    Deer stalking books

    Hi, I've read all the books I've currently got and after more, anybody got any available, can be old or new but must be in good condition. Also I'm after a copy of Neil's Sondergaard.
    Im getting grief of the mrs for spending to much time on here so need something to read stalking related.

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    I have two or three that I don't use, I'll have a look at them this evening and let you know what they are.

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    I'm listing a load of field sport books later.

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    got these if your interested
    capsticks Africa-first edition
    last horizons -capstick
    maneaters- capstick-stained dustcover
    death in the long grass-capstick
    the last ivory hunter-capstick
    death in a lonely land- capstick
    safari-capstick -torn dustcover
    a man called lion-capstick
    man eaters of tsavo-patterson
    horn of the hunter-Robert rouark
    wild ivory -mazet -no dust cover
    plus paperbacks
    white hunters -herne
    man eaters of kumaon- corbet
    the buffalo hunters- Sandoz
    150 THE LOT POSTED price reduced 135 posted or 120 collected

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    Cheers but I'm after deer stalking related to here.

    Thanks any way weeman

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    good job I re read this weeman

    I nearly sold you my stalking BOOTS as I am not stalking to much from now on.

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    Would you like "Woodland Stalking" by Peter Carne? 1999 edition.
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    How much pine Marten.
    I don't think I have that one but will check tonight.

    Cheers weeman

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    You can have it pretty much for the postage cost. Call it 5 all in.

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