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Thread: .308 Win F/TR compliant Target Rifle

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    .308 Win F/TR compliant Target Rifle

    I bought this a while back to scratch a target shooting itch
    I did spend a lot of time sourcing parts, tinkering and fettling not to mention load testing
    It is just not getting used and I have a need for something more dual purpose
    Someone with more range time or a thirst for long range plinking will be better placed to put it to use

    .308 Win F/TR compliant Target Rifle SOLD

    Make – Fultons of Bisley
    Barrel - 29” Lothar Walthar
    Action – Mauser

    Stock – Walnut Full Length Pistol Grip by Fultons
    Custom Adjustable Pachmayer Recoil pad (rotate/vertical/horizontal on a single screw)
    Hand stop channel intact with custom Fore-end Pinatinny rail fitted in place (easily converted back to TR format if required)
    Bipod – Atlas “copycat”
    Muzzle is profiled for TR Foresight if required

    Rail – 20MOA Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail (3 bolt Mauser specific)
    Mounts – Triple bolt Vector Optics 30mm rings

    Scope – Optimate 20x42
    30mm tube
    Rear Parallax
    MOA increments
    7x15MOA Elevation
    5.5x15 MOA Windage
    2” sunshade

    Load development with 168gr SMK’s over N140 shows great promise with groups in the 0.1-0.2MOA range
    Data provided with rifle

    Rifle - 285 (includes 20MOA Rail, Fore-end Pic Rail, Bipod, Adjustable Recoil pad)
    Scope - 180 (includes rings)

    Total above 420
    An absolute bargain for a rifle that shoots in the 2’s and possibly better!

    Will RFD to RFD at cost

    Also available POA (will sell to buyer at discount and to others ONLY after rifle sale)
    100 New Norma .308 cases (RRP 110)
    100 once fired Norma .308 cases (RRP 35) SOLD
    80+ 168gr Scierra SMK bullets (RRP 38) SOLD
    80+ 155gr Scierra SMK bullets (RRP 32)
    100 190gr Scierra SMK bullets (RRP 41) SOLD
    100 208gr Hornady AMax bullets (RRP 45) SOLD

    4 dummy rounds loaded to the lands/Max OAL for each of the above bullets will be available to the buyer of the rifle if of interest SOLD

    Shot at 100yds of bipod and bag (on the roof of my car!)

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    If it wasn't for the fact variations are taking so long to get I'd have had that.

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    Yes please plus RFD as per my PM

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    don't tell the misses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boydy47 View Post
    don't tell the misses!
    too late mate , she picked up your phone when I rang
    "Politicians must be allowed to panic. They need activity. It is their substitute for achievement"
    "'The matter is under consideration' means we have lost the file. 'The matter is under active consideration' means we are trying to find the file."

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyc View Post
    too late mate , she picked up your phone when I rang
    That's your ferreting trip out of the window next winter then!!

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