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Thread: Shotgun for hire.

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    Shotgun for hire.

    I have a syndicate member that has taken up paid pigeon decoying and goose and duck flights. Some of these can be firing 250 cartridges. He has an old SBS worth £300 which isn't up to the job.
    He works offshore and earns good money, i am off sick at the moment and am on £120 a week ESA. He has borrowed my Beretta 3 shot several times now for these jollies and was wondering what would be a fair price for letting him use and abuse this gun?
    Its a full strip down and clean each time as i am OCD on maintenance.
    He is a SGC holder and is insured.

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    if he's borrowed it 3 times and is earning, then I would propose that he buys one for himself, maybe yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Druid View Post
    if he's borrowed it 3 times and is earning, then I would propose that he buys one for himself, maybe yours.
    +1... There's a very nice Beretta AL391 for sale on here that he might like!
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    Think he's abusing your good nature Dotty.
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    Well spied!!

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    Are you allowed to hire out shotguns? I know that you are not allowed to charge for the use of an estate rifle although some do.

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    Are you allowed to take fellow syndicate members for a ride?
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    hire of a gun to be used on duck and geese where it might get near salt water ,has to be £100 ,and then i would only let out a greener single or a aya boxlock ,and use the money to have the tattoo that says mug taken of my forehead

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    Could said Beretta abuser not pay in socks?

    (New or used)
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    A decent bottle of malt for each loan would seem fair, not rental for the gun but payment for the OCD clean.
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