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Thread: Blaser R8 Professional Stock and Bolt Mechanism - Excellent condition, only light use

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    Blaser R8 Professional Stock and Bolt Mechanism - Excellent condition, only light use


    I am selling my R8 Professional stock (green) and bolt mechanism. Both are in excellent condition.

    (When I took the cheek rest off for the photos I noticed some very minor scuffing of the stock from the cheek rest eyelets. I've done my best to show this in the photos in full transparency. Else the stock looks like it is new. It would not be visible with the cheek rest fitted and I would recommend a cheek rest with this stock in any event.)

    A purchaser would simply add a barrel, the applicable bolt head for that calibre group and magazine insert to match their chosen calibre. A cheap entry path for a premium rifle with fantastic accuracy.

    The stock has a stud for a Harris bipod fitted. I will also throw in the cheek riser/rest as well.

    My only reason for selling is because - perhaps foolishly - I splashed out on the Success stock in leather as a fiftieth birthday present for myself. I purchased both the stock and a new bolt mechanism. I felt it would be easier to sell the R8 Pro stock with the bolt mechanism as it is then easier for the purchaser to kit it out to the calibre of their choice with just 3 components. Also, if I can't get a reasonable price for the stock/mech then I will simply fit my .223 barrel, bolt head and magazine insert and retain another complete rifle.

    1350 plus P&P.

    (Without a bolt head or barrel it is not a firearm and so delivery is easy. Buyer can tell me how they wish to have it delivered and I will cost delivery accordingly.)



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    Give me a shout if you want to sell your .223 barrel, bolt head and magazine insert, I am on the lookout for one.
    Regards Mike
    Good luck with the sale, I have just bought the Professional Leather myself, they are great aren't they.

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    Might have a buyer for you. Wait out!

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    I am interested! How much do you think the barrel and extras will cost? I'm guessing around 900

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    Hi bigmick11, sorry but I am not selling the .223 barrel etc. Re the Success stock, I'd say they're a special 'treat' - don't shoot any better than the R8 Pro stock but they handle nicely. Of course, the Blasers are just plain awesome in any configuration!

    Tackleberry270 - ok let me know.

    felix4247, I haven't looked at barrel and bolt head prices for some time. I think I paid about 200 for my .223 bolt head and mag insert. I also believe I paid about 700 for the .223 barrel. That was new. The price may have changed with the movement in the Euro. So your estimate is likely about right. Of course, you might also look for used barrels.
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    As i have had discussions with a few people by private message, I thought it right to let everyone know that I have agreed to drop the price to 1225 plus P&P.

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    BTW I note that MacLeod have used R8 barrels in .243 and .270 for sale if those calibres suit someone...
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    Did you sell this?

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