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Thread: Lead ban - a calibre queery

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    Lead ban - a calibre queery

    The article in last weeks Shooting Times set me thinking. I've had my FAC for nearly two years now and I've got a .22 LR and .22 Hornet with which I have done a fair bit of foxing and rabbit control. I've become interested in the prospect of Deer stalking and did my DSC1 last October; and I hope to soon be having permission for ground that has been cleared for .243 cal. as there are foxes and occasional fallow deer present.
    My question is what is the forum opinion with regard to possible calibre restrictions should a lead ban arise - as the article reported that the RSPB found the difference in effectiveness of copper to lead to be marginal. However, as there is also adverse opinion on .243 for some deer is it likely the two could be lumped together and in the future .243 is restricted to Roe, Muntjac and CWD?
    Should I get permission - would it be advisable to try and get something like .260 Rem approved on said ground?.

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    The .260 is a fine calibre, as is the 6.5x55. If I was buying again I'd go .260 for Fox and Deer. They lose a bit of power due to the short case neck when loading big 160grn bullets (they have to be pressed back into the case too far really) but then the 6.5x55 struggles with really light stuff because it's throated so long to handle these heavy bullets! Both do well with 100-140grn bullets so for stalking it's no odds. The .260 has the edge as a Foxing round though IMO.

    If it's a mainly Deer rifle I wouldn't bother with a .243. I'd go bigger (probably .308). Having said that if you shoot a lot of Foxes the .243 is hard to beat! Both will offer you dozens of factory loads of various weights and a vast choice of rifles.

    If you're set on the .260 just have a quick look around and make sure you can find a comfortable rifle in that calibre. There aren't that many makers chambering it.

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    My 6.5x55 sako finlite loves all bullets from 95g vmax @ 3150 fps to 156+160gr factory not chronoed but very accurate and ok to 140m's.
    my deer round is a 125gr nosler partition @ 2870 fps...deadly on any species.
    I maybe lucky with this rifle but love it.

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    It's an interesting point that you raise. Clearly it's going to be tricky to find 100gr lead free bullets for a 243 Win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    It's an interesting point that you raise. Clearly it's going to be tricky to find 100gr lead free bullets for a 243 Win.
    ...and as for .22LR!

    (Finding a suitable non lead bullet, that is. Not having to find one of 100gn!)
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    Flung, you do not say where you are from? If you are in England you do not need 100gn in .243 for deer as long as your round meets the energy requirements (1700 ft/lbs) in .240 or above calibre. Barnes do a 80gn copper for .243;***+9016+***

    I went for a 6.5x55 (but .260 has a lot going for it if you reload) and I reload for it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It will do similar with Federal Powershoks. There is a wider selection of Copper rounds available in .264/6.5

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