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Thread: Broken Wild Game Trail Cam

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    Broken Wild Game Trail Cam

    My Trail cam has come to the end of its life! The night time pictures come out all black, although the red IR leds glow red? I have bought a replacement, but it's just not the same, the replacement is so complicated and does not have the same features like day only or night use only.
    daytime pictures and video are fine, anyone either got any repair advice or a really cheap second hand model. Mainly used to check for rats in the Garden and Deer up the woodland, Darren��
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    Some cameras have a IR filter which moves back and forth in front of the lens - my understanding of this is pretty basic so this is a long shot but...

    The filter is there to filter out IR from the daytime shots otherwise they would look a little strange. If it was to remain in place, i.e. not move away from the lens, at night then the IR from the LEDs would not get into the camera and so night shots would be very, or completely, dark.

    If your camera has a little light sensor, and all that I've seen have it somewhere on the front, then you could cover this with black tape or even your finger and then trigger the camera in good daylight. If these photos came out OK, or at least over exposed or even fully white, then it would be possible that the IR filter is stuck in front of the lens. Doing this test would rule out some other operational fault with nighttime photos.

    Another way to test is to cover the light level sensor and listen closely to the camera as you should hear the filter move back and forth as you cover and uncover the sensor. However, some cameras manage this in different ways and the filter may not move until the first trigger after the light changes and, also, the mechanism might be moving but the filter could still be stuck so you'd hear a noise but the filter still wouldn't be moving. However, worth a try.

    If the filter is stuck this is a mechanical problem, probably, and so it might be possible to take the camera apart and free it up. The other option is to give the camera a good shake or even a sharp tap and see if that moves the filter.
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