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Thread: Cz 452 question

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    Cz 452 question

    I recently bought a new cz 452 and today I accidentally moved the bolt down whilst the bolt was fully to the rear (I thought the bolt was fully forward), something that I thought was not possible. The bolt didn't require any extra force to move down in this position and it resulted in damage to the stock from the cocking handle and safety lug.

    is this a common feature on the 452 or symptomatic of a fault?



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    I'll go and try on mine...

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    This is an issue with the model. I thought it was a fault the first time I did it and took it back to the dealer. Turns out they all do it.

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    Yes mine does it too, I had not tried before buy judging by the scare on the stock where the cocking handle hits it the previous owner did it repeatedly - presumably to lock the bolt in the open position.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I love this rifle and calibre (.17HMR), it even managed to cleanly kill a rabbit at 240yds today! There was no wind though.

    Thanks for the help yet again.


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    It is a proper pain that it can happen, but it is only the WMR and HMR that are affected, the HM2 and .22lr have a shorter bolt travel and the bottom lug stays in the raceway at all times.


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