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Thread: Dog cabin kennel query

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    Dog cabin kennel query

    Hi folks ,
    Hopefully I'll be moving soon & the big old wooden kennel & run that's here will be staying ... It's not designed for moving & will be more of a hassle than what it's worth .
    I'm thinking about a dog cabin/ box style & the galvanised run panels you can buy.

    Someone mentioned to me about insulated plastic dog canin style ... They sound attractive for thermal qualities & ease of cleaning etc

    Anyone recommend anyone in particular or have one they can comment on?

    Also in the example below I'm looking at what size would you recommend for a Labrador ?

    Dog Cabins : Large - 150cm (W) x 75cm (D) x 86cm (H) - Kennelstore


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    If I was buying new I would seriously consider these guys

    KM Dog Trailers

    If you pm druimmuir one here, he is an agent and will quote you prices and advice on sizes etc.

    Hope that's of some help.

    kind regards


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    +1 For all the KM gear, I have their dog cabins and the transport box in the pickup. Very well made and built to last and at a sensible price. Derwood

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    The KM kennels are great, we've had one for about 11 years and still in great condition just bought an additional kennel from them in the winter.
    If you would like the contact details of the person I bought my kennels from just PM. There are great deals to be had!


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    Dog cabin kennel query

    Yes please Stacey

    Thank you a'body else for info / heads up


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