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Thread: hornet powder sample (just enough for a handful of rounds)

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    hornet powder sample (just enough for a handful of rounds)

    anything considered
    just want to plink a few through the barrel before it is rechambered..

    ideally local to Edinburgh Newcastle or anywhere inbetween

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    I have some reloader 7,, Imr 4198 and alliant 2400 you could try if your passing through n east cumbria.
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    If your traveling anywhere near Inverness I can give you some factory ammo FOC if you want.

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    Also some Lil Gun powder primers bullets and case FOC.

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    Its Raining,(West Lothian)
    I have some Lil Gun and Vit 110 if your still looking.
    " Rechamber "? Going for the K- Hornet, ?

    I can drop some of at McFarlanes sometime this week for collection.

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    all sorted now thanks
    just need to find some dies to have a play

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    Got a LEE loader if you want it.

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