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Thread: Newbie Hello!

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    Newbie Hello!

    Just a quick not to say hello to everyone and a little bit about my background.

    I was born and bred in Suffolk 46 years ago and have been a follower of country pursuits all my life. As soon as I could handle an airgun safely I started shooting under my father's wise guidence. Having applied and been granted a shotgun certificate at the youngest age possible, I then progressed through .410, 20bore and then 12 all the time gaining more and more understanding of country ways. My father made clear safety came before everything else, then understanding and respect for one's quarry. I have always prepared my own game for the table and would not have it any other way, whether it be a partridge or a roe deer. I am also a mad keen trout fisherman and find mysely regularly stopping at unknown river/stream bridges during my travels in the hope of spotting a brownie! I'm currently in the process of applying for my FAC.
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    Welcome Tricky,hope you finding the site useful mate and good luck with your battle,been through it all myself so keep your chin up i'm sure you'll get there in the end.
    ATB Neil.

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    Welcome to the site, good luck with your FAC and how is the Adnams. It always seems to taste better in its homelands.


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    Welcome to SD Tricky.

    Good Luck with your FAC application, keep us posted how it's progressing.


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    Thanks for the welcome everyone - will keep battling on. It 's just so frustrating when you've have genuine knowledge, understanding and respect for your quarry but the powers that be seem to want thwart you at every turn. The Adnams is superb especially the Spindrift.
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    Hello to you too Tricky. I've been away from a computer for a few days hence the belated message. I hope all is going well with your FAC application. Doesn't everyone love paperwork?!

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