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Thread: Good value stope.

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    Good value stope.

    Hi All ,
    Still a newbe to all this. I wonder if any one can advise me. I am looking to a good value scope upto 500 mark . There are a lot out there and just wondered if there is one that stands out better the any other. Cheers

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    Second hand zeiss duralyt (3-12 x50)
    theres a couple for sale on the forum at the moment if I remember right, I'd expect to pay around 450 posted for one in vgc.

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    8x56 schmidt ? Picked mine up for 350 I think
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    If you buy top notch euro glass, probably fixed magnification, second hand then it will always be worth what you paid for it. That way you get to have the best possible glass and the total cost of ownership is zero. You don't get any better value than that.

    If you want the best glass then Zeiss always top the (very few) quantitative tests that have been done. However, all the good Euro names are more than adequate for UK stalking and my personal view is that the S&B Hungarian range of fixed mag scopes offer the best value 2nd hand as they have the same glass quality as the German versions but are a little cheaper to buy into, but you'll still get your money back if you sell. Myself and some others tested the S&B against the Swaro 8X56 and none of us could see any difference in low light performance so you pay a lot for the name with Swaro, but it has good brand image and, again, you'll get your money back. You will also pay more for Zeiss, but will get better glass, but this improvement in glass will not give you any advantage in UK stalking in my view.

    Some scopes have very badly designed "cross hairs" which can not be seen against the target in low light and so they have to resort to illumination. If you get a scope with a suitable design then this is not necessary and that will also save you cash.

    The only slight catch with this is if you might like variable magnification as that might take you beyond the 500 mark for a 2nd hand top notch scope. Some people like to have mag, and only you can say if you like to have it and what you are willing to pay for that. My advice would be not to go to cheaper, less able, glass in order to have marketing "features" such as variable magnification. Buy a good quality, simple, reliable tool for the job.
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    Schmidt and bender 8x56 second hand and if your lucky to get a bargain you could get an afternoons stalking aswell all for 500

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    theres one for sale at the minute but its on a rifle extremely cheap package ask if he will split? ps its 8x56 s/b worth around 350/450 whole package is about 500 i think,

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo1984 View Post
    8x56 schmidt ? Picked mine up for 350 I think
    +1 got to love S&B

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    Quote Originally Posted by carpetman View Post
    Still a newbe to all this. I wonder if any one can advise me. I am looking to a good value scope upto 500 mark . There are a lot out there and just wondered if there is one that stands out better the any other.
    You haven't explained what rifle you have and what sort of stalking you hope to be doing, or whether you plan on foxing with it. All of which will have a bearing on what sort of scope would best suit you.

    If you are thinking of a variable scope then -nothing to do with me- but for the money, then you wouldn't go far wrong with this:

    If you are going for a fixed then a S&B will come in under budget.

    You could also take a look at MacLeods second hand stock:

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    I like the vortex viper i payed 535 for mine new and im over the moon with it but there is some times a zeiss conquest come s/h at a good price some of the times and they are great to im impressed by them , if i was looking for another scope for around 500 I'd get a conquest if i can find 1 at a write price

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    Don't forget Meopta, there have been some bargins in the ads on here of late. Completly underated glass and on par with all other European glass at fraction of price. Also v good warranty.

    If your looking new then Vortex is a very good chioce.


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