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Thread: Nomad quadrider smock.

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    Nomad quadrider smock.

    I think it's a size LARGE in good used condition.
    270rrp for 150 posted or pick up?

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    I have seen your measurements are you sure it's

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    Have you been rifling my drawers?

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    Queston answered on doing a search on here: From the words of the seller in this thread Nomad...

    I was out yesterday taking the shoot pegs in and got caught in an hour of torrential rain. My Nomad QRS leaked like a sieve and is probably the sweatiest garment i have ever been stupid enough to buy. 24h on and it is still soaking inside and out and is probably double the weight of its dry condition.... Total man made tat and i won't miss Philip at Scone this year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKenzie View Post
    Has it got a hood?

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    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    swap for a waiscoat no hood not waterproof no sleeves and will fit your svelt like figure, LIKE A GLOVE!!!!!!go well with your silk tie or i could throw in two gold silk ties for free! along with the sashes,doug,

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    It's pretty crap to be honest but people buy them...

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