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Thread: Zeiss / S&B reticles

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    Zeiss / S&B reticles

    Just wondering if anyone has got a Zeiss with the 54 reticle, or a S&B with either the FD2 or FD4 reticles. I am looking at getting a scope for driven game and Buff, and was wondering if anyone had scopes with these reticles and could be kind enought to either take a picture of the reticle through the scope or comment on how they found them.

    I have probably discounted Swaro/khales as if find their reticles too fine, sometimes losing them against a darker background. - You don't always have time to switch on an illumination reticle and then there is the time the batteries run flat!



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    I can't comment on the reticles you mention but I can say, that I have yet to change the batteries on my Swaro Z6i 1-6x24 after 4 years. I put in about 14 days for driven hunting and keep the illumination on for the duration of the hunt. Illumination is an absolute must for me when it comes to driven game. Also, it's field of view is huge, so ideal for both driven and dangerous game.

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