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Thread: Tuesday Evening Training

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    Tuesday Evening Training

    Anyone interested
    a couple of us site members are looking to meet on a regular basis , every tuesday evening for deer dog training and blood tracking
    starting from 13th of April
    tuesday nights starting around 6 pm
    5 mile from Warwick, Warwickshire (J15 M40)
    it will suit anyone that has a dog that they use or wish to use for deer to help advance their and their dog's abilities
    all age groups both handler/dog are welcome
    it will be approx 1 evening a week for 6 weeks
    but places are limited,
    there is no cost involved except for the odd refreshing drink in the local afterwards
    all interested parties PM me for further details
    kind regards

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    Sounds great I only wish I lived near you , the commute from Glasgow is a bit much


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    Could you give a roughish postcode, would like to come but need to know how far away you are.

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