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Thread: JDR now reselling for CH4D

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    JDR now reselling for CH4D

    Some very good news for shooters of rare and obsolete calibres...

    We've been made a reseller for CH4D dies and bespoke equipment.

    Covering a huge range of obsolete or wildcat calibres we're proud to offer CH4D products on a special order basis. Tell us what you're after and we will get it for you at significant savings and without the annoyance of "handling charges".

    (Please note, CH4D frequently make items to order and so payment has to be made in advance. There may also be long lead times, due to waiting lists for a particular item. Not always the case but so you know in advance ).

    RFD no: 36/2511
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    This is good news. I bought some things from them last year and asked why they did not have a UK reseller.

    Very friendly, very professional. Good products at fair prices.

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