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Thread: Sako L61R

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    Sako L61R

    I've a L61R sako that hollands took restocked reblued and stuck a nice set of Williams opens on and apels ,the stock is pretty nice no marks to speak of and the metal work nr mint thing is I have an underlying urge to bling it a bit with a ebony type grip and tip on the forend .
    should I let it go for bling or keep it original ?
    Interested in your opinions .

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    Keep it original and spend the extra on a period scope for it! Their are less and less original rifles out there now! Let's have a pic.

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    It's your rifle, of course, so you may do with it as you please - and disagreements about taste in anything, let alone rifle-bling, are seldom fruitful.

    I think I will simply invite you to reflect on its being a Sako of a particularly good sort which has been stocked and fettled by a best London maker and left in original condition since then; and then to ask yourself whether further work will add to, or detract from, its value as a rifle, as an aesthetic object and as a piece of Finnish/English riflemaking history.

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    As an owner of a very similar rifle also in excellent condition I can understand the sentiment, however I don't personally think there is anything to improve on, the aesthetic changes to make it more 'bling' would IMO be an excuse to keep it in the cabinet rather than use it, a bit like a fair weather biker...

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    please post a few pics

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    that's a nice rifle and a great action. Even thought Holland put their name to it, it's a pretty straight forward and basic styling. Nice clean wood, decent sights, looks good. Nothing would be lost IMHO in glamming it up a bit; however, you will never get a nice veining into the stock if it's not already there, sort of also defeating the glamming up purpose a bit, and secondly, the front tip if ebony for example, would have to hold the sling stud unless you were going to extend the stock length by 1/2 to 1". You don't want the sling stud in the tip as it will look odd and might not hold. you could not set the sling stud further back because the checkering runs so far up the stock.

    One could put a nice re-oil finish on it, ebony grip and tip, and rust blue the barrelled action, but is the rifle worth another, say 600 investment, probably not...and it looks pretty good as it is IMHO.

    If I was you I'd run the barrel until done, the consider building a custom rifle on the action and comissioning a real beautiful build that deserves all the fancy stuff.

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    That's really a nice one. I would leave it alone, stock included.
    You can always get a second stock. That is what I am doing right now, making a new stock for my L61R .375 H&H.
    Pictures over in the Equipment section just above Rifles, on "Adjusting a tangent sight on the L61R"

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    Thanks chaps the picture doesn't do the stock justice really and an re oil finish maybe in order pieta pm me a price please .as for the adjustments I'd best leave it alone it's my Scottish rifle really so won't get over used Glad I found it languishing on the back shelf of the shop !!
    cheers Norma

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    Just my 2p worth - I wouldn't "bling" it at all...

    If you want to improve the stock, have a look at some posts by "Olaf" on here (see post 23 in this thread for starters: care of Stock on a wooden rifle - Page 3). Olaf and others on here were very helpful a while ago when I decided to revive the stock on my Tikka M55, and the results were very good (well, I think so!).


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