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Thread: WANTED - Rangefinder

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    WANTED - Rangefinder

    Now sorted - thank you for all who replied.


    I am looking for a rangefinder that actually works !!!

    I am not looking for the very top end super maximum range, but something that will work mainly for high seat work.

    Simple rangefinder for checking aim points and ranges on a shoot that will work to around 400 / 500 yards. (I don't need 1000+ yards as I can't see that far never mind shoot !!!)

    Please let me know with any suggestions.

    Cheers + ATVB

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    Attachment 612heres an example of what you can get the distance along the line is 257.75 mtrs.

    You can do what your asking by uploading google earth and using the ruler, to measure distances across the ground you shoot over then make a range card for the distances over the areas you see your quarry at cheap and nasty but you can spend the cash on something else .
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    It is a nice idea and I have used it on my own shoots. But This year I have been very fortunate to be invited as part of a team to assist an estate manager with his deer management plans etc. As such there are 2 large estates with many high seat locations and he decides who goes where and when etc.....Short of taking a lap top with wifi, a rangefinder is what I need.

    I want to keep receiving these invites so want to be sure of my ranges and I do not want to mess up and lose this enormous privilege that is free !!!

    Cheers + ATVB


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    could do you a price on a new set if you wish from either swarovski,leica ,leupold or bushnell

    let me know if your interested

    steve hunter

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