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Thread: Thoughts on air rifle. 177 or 22?

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    Thoughts on air rifle. 177 or 22?

    I am considering getting a sub 12 ft/lb springer air rifle for rabbits/vermin and would like to hear peoples views on scope rifle combinations. I would also like to find out which caliber most people are currently using.
    I am not interested in PCP airguns... am trying to keep it simple. Appreciate any input

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    Well I like being a bit different and went for the HW80 in .20 and it certainly works

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    My father tought his 4 sons with a .22 Weirhauch HW35 and my son has it now 40 years on.

    Heavy but accurate.. I'm sure he used it as an excuse to smoke more as we knocked the fag buts off the washing line stay..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Over the years I have had many sub legal limit air rifles in both .22 & .177. I prefer the .22 for small game/vermin

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    As a bloke with FAR too many airguns, I would tend to lean towards a .177 at sub legal limit levels. The trajectory is much flatter so it is much more forgiving to errors in range estimations and still kills rabbits/crows/pigeons etc. very effectively (I hesitate to tell you your business, but please only headshots though as neither really has the power to consistently achieve body shots).
    I could write pages on scopes and rifles but a lot of it is down to personal choice and budget. Contrary to the usual advice with a normal rifle, I would advise spending most of your money on the rifle and less on the scope, especially for hunting, as the cheaper guns usually have rubbish triggers and can be rough. My recommendation for a lower end package would be a BSA Lightning XL with a Hawke 3-9*50 on top, possibly with mildots as they are quite useful for the holdover and under. You can pick them up a package for around 250ish second hand.
    Other good guns that I have personal experience hunting with are the Weihrauch HW35, HW95K, HW57 and HW97K, plus I am told that the HW77 and HW80 are also excellent. Air Arms do the Prosport and the TX200K which is my current favourite air rifle and comes recommended. If you can find one the Theoben Evolution gas ram is also lovely, and a safer bet now that Impact Air have taken over the servicing and maintenance responsibilities.
    Scopes to consider would be the hawke range, MTC Optics (the Taipan series are personal favourites) as well as Bushnell and Nikko Stirling. All will last forever and the optics are quite impressive for the price, especially with the MTC scopes. I do all my hunting on 6x so any scope around that range is ideal. Right, that's enough waffling for one night, I hope it helped,

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    I mainly use PCP Rapid 7 in .22 set at only 10ft/lb as most of my air rifle shooting these days is in barns where too much penetration is a curse.However my favourite airgun for general use would be my old HW35 in.177:self contained,less hitting power compared to.22 more than compensated for by flatter trajectory at sub 12ft/lb.

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    HW77 / 97 (go for the under lever) - I have both (one in .177 and tother in .22) beautiful, accurate, well made and reliable hunting air guns.

    Pop a Hawke Panorama HD IR on the top and you're ready to bash bunnies well into the dusk.

    I also run H&N Field Target Trophy pellets and find they are good through all my Wiehrauch's.

    And if you ever go to PCP.... try a HW100 - it's a modern day classic

    I too have an air gun collecting problem.......
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    .177 most likely although I do have a .22 and it is easier to shoot in .22 from a recoil side of things. but the .177 have the best trajectory !
    Why not a cheap BSA Ultra PCP in .177 and a stirup pump? Small cylinder to fill and a cracking rifle and bout second had as a package would come in at a simlar price to a new good springer.



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    If your on PW here is an example of a cracking deal ! .22 AA S410 with scope and silencer 370 and for 50 mor a 12ltr dive cylinder !
    Would be worth a pop to offer 370 for the lot ! I bet a new HW97 would be circa 370 ! then you need a scope and may want a silencer also.

    Also check out the dreaded social media to see whats in your local area !

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    Thanks for all the input. Really helpful and lots to consider.
    Alistair many thanks for the informative post.
    salopsniper, appreciate your point but I want to stay away from the diving cylinder and other gear.
    Had looked at options and I had already considered the BSA Lightning and the Weihrauch HW97 with composite stock new prices are pretty good if you look around.

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