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Thread: Brno ZKM 611 .22 Magnum Info

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    Brno ZKM 611 .22 Magnum Info

    While shooting in France a good few years ago i had a play with a Brno 611 semi auto 22 WMR loved it what a cracking liitle rifle & said to myself at the time ive got to get one of these , Since then I have been after one of these classic little gems but couldn't find one anywhere , i just about gave up looking until the weekend , I came across a small dealer who had one sitting in he's rack the rifle is 9/10 condition almost like new, it's not been spoiled by cutting the front sight away & threading. being a takedown I inspected the internals that showed me this has hardly been used, cash on the table deal done , variation in this morning ..
    I was told the Brno 611 where popouler in the US , have any of you guys got one over here !

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    Here's a review I found...

    From My Collection #13: The BRNO ZKM-611 : guns

    As mentioned in the above article, this guy uses one in exhibitions, probably best not to try this at home...

    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Awesome ! Thanks for the link ..

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    I'd be interested to hear how you get on with it.
    From the article it sounds like magazines may be hard to get hold of.
    How many does the one you mention come with ?
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I Agree Magazines may be hard to find , This one comes with 1 x 6rd & 1 x 10rd .. I have found a one piece Kozap mount which I ordered today ..

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    Sound good.
    Great that it's in good condition, semi's often get bashed about.
    I like take down rifles,probably seen to many spy films.
    Will your variation take long do you reckon?.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Nice video. I will try this down short siberia on Saturday. Got some oranges ready.
    Those who can, do it. Those who can't, teach it.

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    I have a 611 made in 1996 and purchased unfired in the box in 2003 from a gunshop in Yuma, Arizona. It is one of my favorite .22WMR's and certainly one of the most accurate. I recently had it out with CCI MAXI-MAG, 40 grain ammo and it was dazzlingly accurate with open sights. We were shooting the seed heads off of weeds off-hand at 30 yards. The guns were originally tested with Winchester ammo if my test target and the owner's manual is any indication. My rifle also LOVES Remington 33 grain V-Max ammo. At the time I bought it there was a guy in San Diego, California that carried 6 and 10 round magazines and I bought several of each for $55 and $95 respectively. I can only imagine that they are very expensive now.

    When I picked up the rifle there was a case for a take down shotgun in the shop as well. It was leather covered and brass fitted and looked about right for the 611. It turned out to be a really fine fit for the rifle when broken down. The rifle, extra mags and a fw boxes of ammo fit in the case nicely. I always enjoy taking it to the range because it draws a lot of interest when i pull it from the case and put it together! ~Muir

    FWIW: I would avoid putting any kind of rail on that rifle. The drop at the comb is severe enough without adding parallax error by raising the scope even higher. You'll be shooting with your head erect and no cheek weld. Not good.

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    Thanks for the feedbacks guys ,My variation is in & will take around 2-3 weeks according to FEO , so while I'm waiting ive been shopping on the net & to my amazement found some brand new 6rd & 10rd magazines in the US but they are very expensive $90 & $109 + $20 brothers has a nice little compact Meopta 4x32 with lovely glass which I think will be just the ticket ..
    "Muir" Thats a nice idea regarding a take down case I sure there are a few on Holts Auction ..

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    The case really does service to a classy (classic) rifle.
    That Meopta sounds perfect. A set of low CZ rings and you're in business. Keep it low to the receiver for best accuracy and shooting qualities. Good price on the magazines. Does you rifle come with an owner's manual or test target? Mine had all the paperwork. I was surprised that the test fire target was pretty dismal: About an inch at 50m. Real life, I'm-in-no-hurry-to-get-home accuracy is excellent with most ammo and superb with the ones previously mentioned.~Muir

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