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Thread: Vermin Control Rats up to Fox

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    Vermin Control Rats up to Fox

    Evening All, I have a few permissions and carry out vermin control on these. I am looking for more permissions in the east central belt of Scotland, from the borders up to Dundee and across towards the west. I have BASC insurance, DSC1. Ex Military with 14 years service and over 20 years shooting experience. I run small bore and full bore rifle ranges. If you need a one off job doing to get rid of rats ect, or a permanent solution to any ongoing pest control I am your man. This will be provided all FREE of charge.I use calibres from .22LR up to .308, all moderated, I also have various shotguns, again moderated if required. I have a fully checkable background.

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    Free pest control you say !! ?? haud me back.! what an offer !

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    two posts and both hilarious
    "A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." LLAP Leonard Nimoy 1931 - 2015

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    sorry for jumping in on the post but just in case there are farmers that have no one to deal with pest/vermin? I can i offer free deer, fox, rat, rabbit ,butterfly, fly ,gnat or any other thing you wish me to shoot for free can do days or nights i can drive and collect the invite to shoot

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    What !! can try can't i lol
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    Evening guys, please see my reply on the stalking opportunities, don't want to bore you too much, again apolgies if I gave come across in the wrong manner. Ps 375 mag, three posts by the way and the first one was a polite introduction as I hadn't been on for long time as per my explanation in one of my other hilarious posts. Cheers Gary
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    welcome back to the site Gary you made a few people smile
    "A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." LLAP Leonard Nimoy 1931 - 2015

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    After I had the p*ss ripped out of me I looked at my couple of posts more objectively and realised how they must have looked to the ĺong standing members on here. I am active on numerous FB shooting related groups, pigeon watch, shoot forum ect. But as I said before I have a few permissions, three of which hold Roe. And as l said before a link had brought me back to this site after I had been to the stalking fair in Kelso the other day. I hold DSC1, I am the Secretary and Police Firearms Liaison for a Smallbore Rifle Club. Qualified as a Range Conducting Officer for Smallbore, Fullbore and Gallery Rifle Ranges. A member of BASC for the sake of my shooting insurance.

    As I said before we see one post wonders on the other few forums that I am on, so I understand the reaction that I received when I popped up on here after so long away, along with the subject matter I had posted up...

    Anyway we live and learn, oh and I am not a Walter Mitty, I did serve 14 years in the Military.....

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    After a recent attempt by a person who tried to take a large farm off me after hearing about it from my gate bitch i will be very careful who i let near any of my grounds. I just can't trust anyone anymore and most on SD unfortunately after reading my post will rightly be the same.

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