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Thread: Carl Zeiss bino's

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    Carl Zeiss bino's

    I have a set of Carl Zeiss jena bino's 10x50 that are in a real tatty condition, the clarity on them are still great, I wouldn't mind getting them overhauled ( eye piece on one side is loose) does anyone know of someone who could repair them.



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    Many years ago, I sent my Zeiss Jena to:

    Excellent service, then, and still going strong.


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    As you are in Scotland the Glasgow Binocular Repair Centre on Hope Street might work for you. They do a great job and aren't hard to pay and they've fixed, and sourced parts, for older stuff for me. They are now part of Viking Optical, though I've no idea what that means. They understand working around the deer seasons and that sort of stuff and were very rapid.
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    +1 great reply thanks guys, thats whats great about this site 1st class info

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