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Thread: Salisbury Stalkers Sea Fishing.

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    Salisbury Stalkers Sea Fishing.

    Good to have the chance to have a beer and a chat with everone at the Swan last night. I have spoken to Les about a possible deep sea fishing trip out of Lyme Regis, probably on Saturday 19th June. The skipper has 2 boats available, which can take 7/8 rods. The cost per boat is 240, to include tackle. I've provisionally said that we'd be looking to start out at around 10am and return at 4pm. A cooked breakfast can be arranged....but bring your own beers! Let me know if you're interested.

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    Sounds good to me...i'm a provisional yes pending finalisation of dates etc.

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    Sounds great to me please count me in for 19th June.


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    Count me in guys and i will put up a small prize for the biggest fish caught on the day.

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    I'd love to come along, but it will depend on dates and whether work conflicts with those dates... I may not know until very close to the time, so I'll stay on the 'reserve' list until I know for sure...

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    Guys, I've booked both boats for Saturday 19th June. Jon, thanks for the offer of a prize for the biggest fish, I'll do the same for the first fish of the day. Pippa, hope you can make it, and Spider 72 also....we might have to put you on different boats to add a bit of family rivalry to the day!

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    Dear Moonraker68,

    I was unable to come to the Swan Inn due to work commitments, but was wondering if it would be ok to come along to your sea fishing day on the 19th June


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    Kohana, no problem - you'd be welcome. ATB, Moonraker

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    Hi Rupert
    Put my name down for this trip mate i will get the day off somehow

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    I'm in! I'll do a prize for 'most fish' that just leaves one for 'most species' Oh and we've fished together many times, no need to separate us hasn't come to blows yet Watch out though, the first trip I organised for some work mates Pippa came along and won all the prizes

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