My father has a few antique split cane/greenheart fishing rods that he is hoping to sell as he needs to clear some space . I am just posting this in case perhaps there is someone on here that collects these or knows of anyone that does.

There are various rods in various configurations, salmon fly, trout fly and ledger. I don't have the full details of everything, and some of the rods don't appear to have a makers name, some are in excellent condition and some not so, but if anyone is interested in either looking at them or is keen to find out more and needs further information can you please PM me and I will try and get some more details. I will try and get full details of the collection (as far as possible!) in due course.

I do know that there are the following rods of note, as well as several others:-

Sharpes of Aberdeen "The Specialist" trout fly rod (looks around 8'6"?) including bag, Pezon et Michel Fario Club Parbolic fly rod 5 3/8 oz 8'5" (including rod bag) and a Richard Walker large Carp net (apparently fairly rare with what looks like the original net). I also believe he may have some old wooden Nottingham style reels for sale as well.

If anyone is genuinely interested please PM me with any queries and I will try to find out more.